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5 Reasons to BUY NOW!

January 26th, 2010 5:04 PM by Jodie Ford

Five Reasons to Buy a Home NOW

Affordability returns to Charleston AFB housing, and Charleston buyers have loads of negotiating power.

Afraid to buy a home with the economy tanking and home prices continuing to fall?  Overcoming intimidation and fear might lead you to the home-buying opportunity of a lifetime.

1.     Ask for price reductions, improvements, closing costs -- whatever -- and the seller, desperately trying to get a contract, is very likely to work with you. As the market starts improving, your negotiating power will diminish.

2.     You have a large inventory to choose from. A large selection gives buyers more choices and drives down prices. And home sellers have gotten the picture.

3.     Builders are offering big discounts and are getting even more aggressive with their pricing. Walk in with a REALTOR® and preapproval for a mortgage, make an offer. If you walk away without making a deal, the builder will call your REALTOR® back to reconsider that offer rather than let a potential buyer get away.

4.       Mortgage rates are historically low. It's not just the price of the home that will affect affordability; mortgage terms will also affect your monthly payments. These days, rates are very attractive for mortgage loans.

5.      You can get a federal tax credit. There's now a federal credit of up to $8,000 for home buyers who haven't owned a home in at least three years. Unlike the previous credit, this is money that doesn't have to be paid back. That extra cash will always come in handy!

Waiting for further federal developments, however, will drastically reduce a buyer's negotiating power, as more people get back into the market and competition returns. Also, the tax credit deadline is June 30, 2010.

This may be your last opportunity to take advantage of this incredible buyer’s market! Search the ENTIRE Charleston Area MLS HERE

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Posted by Jodie Ford on January 26th, 2010 5:04 PM


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