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5 Ways to Stage Your Joint Base Charleston Home Like a Pro

March 31st, 2017 12:44 PM by Jodie Ford

5 Ways To Stage Your Joint Base Charleston Home Like A Pro


No big projects

The first mistake a lot of people make when they get ready to sell is, they decide to redo the kitchen or do some elaborate remodel.  Tastes vary so widely, you can’t anticipate what a buyer might want in terms of color, appliances, or even where the kitchen should be.  Some buyers might want a price reduction to cover the cost of a remodel — but they might not, and in any case, you will save yourself a lot of time and hassle.


Paint it neutral

The best spending anyone can do is paint. Fresh paint makes a good impression in general, and neutral colors are best.


The power of the throw

Another low-cost staging trick involves throws and throw pillows. Tie the furniture together with throws and throw pillows in matching colors and patterns, and you could save yourself the price of a new sofa.


Downplay your personality

Unless your personality is beige, remove it from the premises.  Buyers are distracted by family pictures and unusual artwork that are clearly not their own. They also can lose their ability to dream about living in your home if the closets are bulging with clothes or your dirty laundry is visible.  While you’re at it, put away jewelry and medication, too. They have been known to disappear during showings.


Pack early

Between clearing out junk and removing aesthetically distinct pieces, you probably will end up packing early for your move.  Box up everything and leave it in the garage or in temporary storage. Some companies will deliver a container to your door and store it for safekeeping until you’ve moved.


*information from Zillow Porchlight


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