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272 Alexandra Drive
Unit 5
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Beds: 2 Rooms: 2
Full Baths: 2 Sq. Ft.: 1000
Garage: 0 Built: 0

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Military Homes Charleston

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Posted by Jodie Ford on July 9th, 2018 1:04 PM
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7900 Long Shadow Lane

North Charleston, SC 29406

Beds: 3 Rooms: 3
Full Baths: 2 Sq. Ft.: 1648
Garage: 0 Built: 0

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Jodie Ford
Military Homes Charleston

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Posted by Jodie Ford on July 6th, 2018 2:33 PM

The downtown of West Ashley

CHStoday Avondale
Avondale | Photo by @charlestonmydarling

Taking a closer look at Avondale

"In light of recent economic developments, West Ashley has become a hot topic– with transportation feasibility studies becoming a priority and new businesses, such as Whole Foods, setting up shop in the neighborhood.

Nestled in the 44.93 square miles is the village-like community known as Avondale– which many refer to as the “downtown” of West Ashley. The trendy area, located off of Savannah Highway, encompasses a cluster of local contemporary restaurants, spectacular murals + artwork, chic shops, and charming homes– all within walking distance of one another.

Photo by the CHStoday team

Unlike other neighborhoods, Avondale is a unique, homey district; devoid of large commercial chains.Business owners have fought for their rights to maintain their own small business district (known as the Avondale Point Business District) to keep the area eclectic.

Local restaurants have gained such popularity that in 2010, the Avondale community announced that King Street wasn’t the only foodie hub– launching its very own annual restaurant week (complete with valet parking… not something you see offered often at events on the peninsula).

Throughout the last decade, Avondale has seen spectacular growth– such the construction of a $350K crosswalk in 2014– gaining the attention + attraction of Lowcountry locals looking for an alternative hangout to downtown.

As development continues, we asked our readers what they would like to see in the rare, recentlyavailable retail space at 827 Savannah Hwy. which is… you guessed it– right in the heart of the Avondale district.

827 Savannah Hwy. | Photo by the CHStoday team

Based on your responses, you would like to see:

  • A big stage and dance floor… like Pour House
  • Space where bands can play
  • Stand up comedy
  • Karaoke, open mics, + the occasional race party
  • Tacos or pizza by the slice
  • A gym

While we’re not 100% sure what will occupy the space just yet– here is where to dine, drink, shop, + playthe next time you find yourself west of the Ashley River.

Gala Desserts | Photo by the CHStoday team

Where to eat:

??Mellow Mushroom– Pizza |??19 Magnolia Rd.
??Gene’s Haufbrau– Bar food, burgers, + schnitzel |??817 Savannah Hwy.
??Verde– Salads |??13 Magnolia Rd.
??Sushi Ninja | ??825 Savannah Hwy., Ste. B
??Triangle Char and Bar– Tacos + burgers |??828 Savannah Hwy.
??Al Di La– Italian  | ??25 Magnolia Rd.
??Pearlz Oyster Bar |??9 Magnolia Rd.
??DB’s Cheesesteaks |??2 Avondale Ave.
??Gala Desserts |??829 Savannah Hwy.


Kaminsky’s | Photo by the CHStoday team

Coming soon:

??Kaminsky’s Dessert Cafe | ??2 Magnolia Rd. | While there is currently no set open date, dessert-craving locals can follow updates on the cafe’s Facebook page
??Kairos Greek Kitchen | ??975 Savannah Hwy | Opa! John Ondo’s fast-casual Greek restaurant plans to open their second location in Avondale on July 12, 2018. The menu will be exactly the same as the original location in Mt. Pleasant.


Charles Towne Fermentory | Photo by CHStoday team

Where to drink:

? Classic Coffee Roasters | ??27 Magnolia Rd.
?? Avondale Wine + Cheese  |??813 Savannah Hwy., # B
?? The Roost Bar N’ Grille |??825 Savannah Hwy.
?? Charles Towne Fermentory  | ??809 Savannah Hwy.
?? Oak Barrel Tavern  |??825 Savannah Hwy.
?? VooDoo Tiki Bar + Lounge |??15 Magnolia Rd.
?? Cannon Distillery | ??813A Savannah Hwy.


Reinvented Ladies Upscale | Photo by the CHStoday team

Where to shop:

?? Reinvented Ladies Upscale– Women’s consignment shop | ??847 Savannah Hwy.
?? Consigning Women– Women’s upscale consignments | ??21 Magnolia Rd.
?? Julia Pagán Local Couture Men’s, women’s, + custom bridal couture | ??845 Savannah Hwy.
?? Crew LaLa–  Southern-style pet store |??8 Avondale Ave.
?? Herbal Passion– Medicinal herbs, spices, superfoods, + handcrafted tea blends. |??845-1B Savannah Hwy.
?? Farmers Market |??55 Sycamore Ave. | Open Wednesdays at 3-7 p.m.


Community Yoga | Photo by the CHStoday team

Where to be active:

???Community Yoga |??815 Savannah Hwy., Ste. 102


The Barber + Shave Shoppe | Photo by the CHStoday team

Where to get pampered:

?? Strawberry Blonde Salon– Hair + beauty salon |??29 Magnolia Rd
?? Lava Salon– An upbeat, nontraditional hair salon | ??811 Savannah Hwy., # B
?? Lordis Loft– An Aveda concept salon | ??916 Savannah Hwy.
??The Barber + Shave Shoppe– Upscale, traditional barbershop |??829 Savannah Hwy.
?? Anne Bonny’s Lash & Skin Boutique– Facials, lash extensions, massage, waxing, + more | ??829 D Savannah Hwy.
?? BodyWorks Massage & Wellness– Advanced massage therapy focusing on chronic pain + healing the negative effects of stress on the body  | ??8 Daniel St.
?? Verdant Ecospa & Organic Oasis– Holistic health specializing in organic skin therapies + products | ??938 Savannah Hwy.


If you haven’t crossed over the Ashley into Avondale yet, it’s definitely worth the trip. Whether you’re looking to grab a drink, dinner, dessert, or all of the above– you’re sure to find a spot to cure your cravingshave some fun.

Keep doing your thing, Avondale– it’s working.

– Justine"

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Posted by Jodie Ford on June 27th, 2018 11:45 AM
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188 Midland Parkway
Summerville, SC 29485

Beds: 2 Rooms: 2
Full Baths: 2 Sq. Ft.: 1051
Garage: 0 Built: 2001

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Jodie Ford
Military Homes Charleston

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Posted by Jodie Ford on June 22nd, 2018 12:18 PM
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118 Sunrise Road

N Charleston, SC 29418

Beds: 3 Rooms: 3
Full Baths: 2 Sq. Ft.: 1623
Garage: 0 Built: 0

This is a new listing that
I thought you might be
interested in. Visit this
listing online to see more
photos of the property,
Google? Earth satellite
images, and much more.

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Jodie Ford
Military Homes Charleston

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Posted by Jodie Ford on June 20th, 2018 7:34 PM
  • 5th. Charleston-North Charleston’s ranking in a list of 10 U.S. metropolitan markets where it’s better to own a home than rent. Columbia (#2) + Greenville (#8) also made the list. ??
  • 41st. S.C.’s ranking in the 2018 Safest States in America – based on a Wallethub Study comparing several safety factors– like residential safety, personal safety, financial safety, road safety + workplace safety. (On a brighter note, S.C. ranked 9th for the individual category of workplace safety.)
  • 4th. Charleston’s ranking in America’s Best Small Cities for 2018– in a report published by Resonance Consultancy (advisors in tourism, real estate, + economic development). The list highlighted the city’s eleganceantebellum mansions, + sunsetsThe No. 1 spot went to Honolulu. See all the honorable mentions here.
Posted by Jodie Ford on June 11th, 2018 10:15 AM

Do you really wanna rent forever?

Photo provided by Stanley Martin Homes

7 steps to buying your first home ??

Buying a home is one of the biggest commitments you’ll ever make– so you need to make sure you’re ready before taking the plunge.

The first order of business in prepping to buy a home? Knowing what it means to be prepared. There’s a lot that goes into the home buying process. To help you navigate it all, we’ve broken it down into 7 easy-to-follow steps

Image provided by Pexels

1. Do your homework.

Consider the additional costs you’ll incur in owning a home vs. renting one. Making a mortgage payment vs. paying rent may seem ideal for a couple of reasons:

  1. In many cases, your monthly mortgage payment could be equal in cost or even cheaper than your current monthly rent
  2. Instead of paying a rent bill + never seeing that money again– making a mortgage payment will count as equity toward actually owning your home

However, owning a home means making additional payments that may typically covered be covered in your rent payment, such as:

  • HOA fees
  • Maintenance + repairs
  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Property Tax
  • Utilities (electricity + gas, water, internet, trash, etc.)

Still want to buy a home? On to step two.

stock photo of desk meeting
Image provided by Pexels

2. Meet with a mortgage lender through a bank or mortgage firm to determine what you can afford. 

This way, you don’t waste time searching for homes that are too far out of your financial reach.

The best way to find the right lender is through word of mouthAsk friends with home-buying experience (or experience in the real estate industry). If you’ve already got a real estate agent lined up, consult them.

Together, you + the lender will calculate the ‘nitty gritty’– a.k.a. everything you can expect to pay, from one-time fees to monthly costs. They’ll also be able to let you know whether you are financially preparedto buy a home– or if you’ve still need to get your ducks in a row.

What you’ll need to bring to the meeting:

  • Two of your most recent annual tax returns
  • Recent pay stubs
  • Bank statements from the past 2-3 months

What to expect:

  • The loan officer will likely run a credit check + determine your credit score
  • They will use your score, along with other relevant financial information, to calculate the approximate amount of the loan you qualify forThis is called “getting prequalified” for a loan.

Pro tip: If you’ve already done some thinking about your ideal price range + neighborhood, let your lender know. Bonus points if you bring in a copy of a listing that closely matches what you’re looking for.

Why does this help? Because the home you can afford in one neighborhood may be drastically different than what you can buy in another (due to factors like county taxes + flood insurance– which can vary greatly around the Lowcountry). Having this info handy will get you more accurate results during your meeting.


picture of the interior of a house
Image provided by Pexels

3. Narrow down what you’re looking for– and what you can afford.

This is where you get to play House Hunters.’ Pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for– but make sure there’s room to breathe– in case you can’t afford your absolute dream home.

Factors to consider:

  • Neighborhood
  • Type of home (i.e. single-family home, townhome, or condo)
  • Amenities + features that matter

To make this step easier, print out the following checklists provided by Stanley Martin Homes. They can help you determine where you’re willing to be flexible and where you gotta have your way.

Pro tip: Print out a few copies of these forms (even more if you’re buying a home with your spouse or family). You can figure out what’s most important to everyone involved– as it may take a few tries to reach a consensus.

Features that matter

checklist of features that matter when buying a home

Amenities that matter

checklist of amenities that matter when buying a home

Thinking you would rather just build your own home? Stanley Martin Homes offers a variety of floorplansdesigned for the way you live and with many of the amenities + features you are looking for right in Charleston.


Image provided by Pexels

4. Find a real estate agent.

Don’t be afraid to do a bit of speed-dating in order to find the right agent. You’ll want to look for someone who:

  • Knows the market where you’re house hunting inside + out
  • Has experience (duh)
  • Asks you plenty of questions to get an idea of what you want in the way of a house, neighborhood, etc.

What a real estate agent will do for you:

  • Check the MLS (multiple listing service–a.k.a. a huge database of real estate listings) + send you the listings that fall in line with what you’re looking for.
  • Help you make an offer once you’ve found a home you want to buy (this involves filling out important paperwork)
  • Assist you in obtaining the right financing (although you’ve already gotten prequalified at this point, there’s a chance more legwork will need to be done)
  • Facilitate + advise you when it comes to negotiations between you + the seller.
Image provided by Pexels

5.  Sign the contract.

Once you’ve found the home you’d like to place an offer on, your real estate agent will work to draw up a contract and have both parties sign.

In a fast-moving market like CHS, you’ll want to make this happen quickly– but keep in mind that it is binding.

The contract may include certain stipulations– such as who gets to choose the closing attorney, or what the home inspection entails. You’ll want to talk with your real estate agent to make sure they properly explain all the fine print.


Image provided by Pexels

6. Find a good real estate attorney.

DYK that in South Carolina, the buyer is legally entitled to the right to pick an attorney?  

Along the way, you’ll likely encounter sellers, developers, or lenders who prefer to use their own attorney– and may event offer discounts + incentives to sway you to do so.

So, what’s the perk of picking the lawyer? If it’s your lawyer, they will have your best interest in mind. Having a legal expert at bat for you may cost you upfront, but could save you major $$$ in the long runby making sure nothing goes wrong.


key in lock
Image provided by Pexels

7. Find an inspector + an insurance agent.

To finalize your home deal, you need two final ( + equally important) things: home insurance + a home inspection.

Your lender, lawyer, or real estate agent may be able to help you find the insurer. You can also typically bundle it with your existing policies, like car insurance.

Last but not least, you’ll need to get your future dig inspectedIn some case, the terms of your contract could even depend on the home getting a passing grade during its inspection.

After that, if all goes according to plan, it’s time to close on the home + get your keys to move in??

And, before you ask: Sorry– as much as we’d love to, the CHStoday team is unable to help you pack up + move all of your stuff.

Resouce: #chstoday @chstoday

Posted by Jodie Ford on May 14th, 2018 4:18 PM

Recycling tips for Lowcountry residents ?

"DYK if you throw away an aluminum can, it can remain in the form of a can for 500 years or more? Did you also know that aluminum cans can actually be recycled and reused over + over again with almost no limit?

Recycling gurus, such as Peppa Pig + Rocko (from Rocko’s Modern Life) teach kids about the importance of recycling. But as adults, sometimes it can be “easier” to just throw away a can instead of rinsing it out to properly recycle– am I right?

In 2019, Charleston + Berkeley counties will both open new multi-million dollar recycling facilities. Those facilities will bring an innovative approach to recycling coupled by state of the art equipment.

But what about the things we can do as individuals to champion renewable energy + environmental conservation in our community right now?

If you threw away recycled the guide your county mailed out to you earlier this year, don’t worry we’re covering the recycling ground rules.

Recycling isn’t all about cans + newspapers. You can also recycle clothes, blankets, k-cups, electronics, cooking oil, food… even waterThe key is knowing how to properly recycle each item.

CHStoday Recycling
Photo courtesy of Charleston County’s Environmental Management Department

Below is a short list of examples to keep in mind when recycling. For full lists on what can be recycled, be sure to check with your county’s recycling guide (more on that below).

?Cooking Oil/Grease We all love our Southern-fried cooking, but it’s very important that you do not dump cooking oil into the woods or water. Chemicals from the oil are harmful to the environment, run into waterways, + stick to pipes. Charleston CountyDorchester County, + Berkeley County all have convenience centers to properly dispose of oils.

?Electronics Charleston CountyDorchester County, + Berkeley County will accept items such as: computers, printers, gaming consoles, christmas lights, small appliances, and TV’s. These items cannot be disposed of in your recycling bin. Be sure to check with the convenience center nearest you prior to dropping off–  each location accepts different things.

?Clothing + Shoes– Before you throw those adorable shoes you only wore once– give them to someone in needThere are countless donation sites around the Lowcountry, including the always-accessible parking lot donation bins (many near churches + daycares). Local organizations such as Charleston Habitat for HumanityPalmetto Goodwill, Lowcountry Orphan Relief, Dress for Success Charleston, + Children’s Cancer Society Thrift Store will also accept items in good condition– and will even provide a tax write off the receiptDo good + get money back = win-win.

?Food DYK about 30% of your trash could actually be composted? Yard trimmings + food waste often end up in S.C.’s landfills, but adding them to a compost pile means they can naturally decompose (thanks, tiny microorganisms). If an outdoor compost pile is implausible for your current living situation, or the smell of the indoor bin has you feeling less than pro-compost, we have a company right here in Charleston who will do the dirty work for you. Smart Recycling U.S. will haul away your food scraps, assisting in the reduction of your waste bill.

?Water Collected rainwater can be used to water plants, wash cars, + help prevent rivers from runoff pollutionThrough the end of May, Charleston residents can save $61 off the price of a rain barrel by purchasing here.

? Paper/Cardboard
What you can recycle: Magazines, newspaper, office paper, junk mail, greeting cards, wrapping paper, books, soda boxes, shoe boxes, clean food boxes (such as cereal boxes), paper towel rolls, + egg cartons.
What you cannot recycle: Pizza boxes + other dirty food containers.

What you can recycle: Aluminum cans, caps + lids, empty aerosol spray cans, steel cans or tins.
What you cannot recycle: Medical waste (i.e. syringes), propane tanks, aluminum foil or trays.

?Plastic– The key to recycling plastic is to read the number on the bottom of the containerNumbers 1, 2, 4, + 5, are picked up by most curbside recycling programs.
What you can recycle: Clean milk jugs, soda bottles, detergent bottles, (many) food containers, clean K-cups (with the filter and grounds removed), + empty motor oil containers.
What you cannot recycle: Dirty food, detergent, or motor oil containers; sunglasses, iPhone cases, computer cases, meat trays; disposable plates, cups, or silverware; + medical equipment.

What you can recycle: Clean, unbroken, jars + glass bottles with the lids removed.
What you cannot recycle: Broken glass, windows, mirrors, household decor, ceramics, Pyrex dishes, crystal, + light bulbs.

?Batteries/Bulbs Certain batteries, such as car batteries, + fluorescent bulbs can be recycled. Household batteries (like the ones in your remote) can be recycled here

?Paint Charleston County residents can recycle paint at any of the county’s nine convenience centers.The Bees Ferry Convenience Center also re-sales paint at a cost of $10 per five-gallon bucket. If yourcounty does not have a paint recycling program, you can donate the paint or harden the paint using kitty litter(trust us, it works) before disposing of it in the regular trash.

For specific details on what can and cannot be recycled in your county-provided bin, and/or at your local convenience center, make sure you contact your local municipality or visit the links below.

Charleston County Recycling Guide 
Berkeley County Recycling Guide 
Dorchester County Recycling Guide


I know I am guilty of tossing the occasional sparkling water can into the into the trash every now + then. But, if we all work to be a little less trashy, + take small steps to recycle, we can have a major impact on the Lowcountry’s environment.

BTW– today is National Moscato Day. So drink up + recycle those wine bottles, y’all.

– Justine"

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Posted by Jodie Ford on May 10th, 2018 12:00 PM
"4,500.  The number of homes to be built in Berkeley County as part of a mixed-used development.  The 2,300 Carnes Crossroads community will take about 15 years to complete, and will include a hospital, medical offices, apartments, + retail tenants alongside the aforementioned houses.  The first residents moved in six years ago as the neighborhood continues to grow."

source #CHStoday @CHStoday
Posted by Jodie Ford on May 1st, 2018 2:14 PM
VA Renovation Loan

A VA Renovation Loan may be the right loan option for you if you qualify for a VA Loan and are looking to make home renovations.  This loan allows borrowers to bundle renovation costs into their VA home loan, so you can make the changes you want, with one loan, one rate, and one monthly payment.  

The VA Renovation Loan allows borrowers to make home repairs or improvements totaling up to $35,000.  Loan amounts are based on the appraised value of your home after improvements have been made.  This loan product is not applicable for major renovations, but rather intended for upgrades to a new or existing home.  

Down Payment: 0%
Minimum - Maximum Repair Limits: Up to $35,000
Minimum Credit Score: 640 (purchase) 660 (refinance)
No Mortgage Insurance
Primary Residence Only
Repair Type: Alterations, minor repairs and improvements
Additional Requirements: Borrower must acquire or already have a VA loan
Posted by Jodie Ford on January 26th, 2018 2:20 PM


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