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Charleston Air Force Base, SC Military Homeowners Assistance Program

June 25th, 2009 10:00 PM by Jodie Ford



Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina

The Department of the Army is proud to offer the Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP) to eligible to Charleston, SC military members, federal civilian and Non-Appropriated Fund employees. This program was authorized by law to assist eligible Charleston homeowners who, through no fault of their own, face a financial loss when selling their homes in areas where real estate values have declined because of a Base Closure or Realignment Announcement in the Charleston, SC area.

What Is the Homeowners Assistance Program?

The Homeowners Assistance Program, often referred to as “HAP,” is authorized in Section 1013 of the Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development Act of 1966, as amended. This act (law) provides for some monetary relief for eligible federal personnel - both Charleston Air Force Base military (including Coast Guard) and civilian- faced with losses on the sale of their primary residence when, “as a result of the actual or pending closing of such base or installation, in whole or in part, or if as the result of such action and other similar action in the same area, there is no present market for the sale of such property upon reasonable terms and conditions.”

How does the Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP) work?

Generally, the HAP provides assistance in four possible ways. If you are eligible for HAP benefits, the Government may:

1. reimburse you for part of your loss from selling your home

2. assist you, if you don’t receive enough proceeds from the sale of your home to pay off your mortgage

3. buy your home by paying off the mortgage

4. help you, if you default on your mortgage

Who is eligible for HAP?

The applicant must be a military member (including Coast Guard), federal civilian or Non-Appropriated Fund employee assigned or employed at or near the Installation announced for Closure or Realignment. They must have been assigned to the installation and be an owner and occupant of the home on the announcement date. Also eligible are personnel transferred or terminated within six months prior to the announcement who were owner-occupants at the time of transfer; and Civilian and military personnel on an overseas tour who transferred within 3 years prior to the announcement and who are homeowners in the area; and Civilian employee homeowners on an overseas tour with reemployment rights in the area affected by the closure; and A military member homeowner ordered into onpost housing within 6 months prior to the announcement. In addition, applicants must be relocating beyond commuting distance from the area. If you think you may be eligible, you should submit an application for a formal determination

For more information on how to apply for HAP benefits in Charleston, SC contact:

Jodie Hurt: Call (843) 819- 4398

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Posted by Jodie Ford on June 25th, 2009 10:00 PM


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