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Essential Tips for First-Time Charleston AFB Homebuyers

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House Hunting in the Joint Base Charleston area:

  • Before you begin to house shop, you need to have an idea of what kind of neighborhood you want to live in and the style of house you want.
  • Real estate never sleeps. If you're trying to buy a hot property, you have to move quickly, or you could possibly lose it.
  • When you are looking at a house in the Joint Base Charleston area, you have to have a wish list, but you have to understand that no house is going to be perfect.
  • Don't judge a book by its cover. Same goes for a house. Go inside and look around before making a decision.
  • Properties in good shape are rare, and they don't stay on the market for long.
  • When it comes to investing, the best place to invest is in an up-and-coming area.
  • You have to see past the junk and see the potential. When you buy a house in the Charleston AFB area, it's not just a place to live in, it's an investment. Keep in mind your dollars down the road.
  • It is especially important to have a home inspection if you are looking to buy an aging or older house.


  • It's great to have your financing in place before you look for houses.
  • Rule of thumb is that you should be able to afford a mortgage three times your income.
  • Don't forget to set aside money for closing costs when budgeting out what you can afford. It's typically 1-1/2 to 2 percent of the purchase price. That goes toward the land transfer tax and pays a lawyer.
  • If you need help choosing a loan officer, let Military Homes Charleston help! We have relationships with experienced professionals that can help you get the best loan.

Making an Offer:

  • When you're house shopping, you can't pull a number out of a hat. Let our team of military home specialists help you by determining what other homes in the area have sold for, how long ago the sale was and what amenities they have.
  • It's the Charleston AFB market that determines the value of a house.
  • When figuring out the price of a property, sometimes it makes more sense to look at the price of a house in terms of monthly payments instead of focusing on that big number.
  • Try not to fixate on the list price of a house, but rather the fair market value (an estimate of what a buyer would pay a seller for any piece of property).
  • Sometimes people think that by starting really low they'll end up with a better price on a house, but actually it usually works the opposite way.
  • The three most important matters when it comes to negotiation are information, preparation and realism.
  • The key to success when buying a home is to trust the experts at Military Homes Charleston – so contact us today!


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