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Joint Base Charleston - Spring Time House Hunting is HERE!

March 30th, 2012 7:51 AM by

Joint Base Charleston - Spring Time House Hunting is HERE!

It’s Spring time in Charleston, and that means it’s time to go SHOPPING! Past years have shown, Spring is the time of year when buyers come out in full force to find their new house.

Charleston military buyers who buy in the Spring can close after the school year ends and be in their new home in time for Summer!

But this Spring is looking a bit different, based on what we are seeing – and many industry experts agree! Here are some reasons why Spring 2012 is different:

  • Because of the mild winter, Charleston military buyers have been out for months – making offers and buying homes.
  • Many Joint Base Charleston sellers finally understand they need to have a compelling price on their home to attract buyers. The old days of listing your home high and then playing the back and forth game of negotiation are over…There are too many homes on the market priced correctly, and those are the homes that buyers are going to. If your home is overpriced, it doesn’t stand a chance in this current market – there is just too much competition.
  • Rates continue to rise, as the economy improves. Add this to rising mortgage insurance premiums and guarantee fees, and Joint Base Charleston buyers now have a sense of urgency to get while the getting is good!
  • The fact that shadow inventory is looming in the background, has motivated sellers to have more realistic expectations.

Low interest rates, a great selection to choose from, and the timing of it all make for an exciting next 60-90 days. Our advice to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Joint Base Charleston area is DON’T WAIT! The best deals come when more people are competing for them…and that time is NOW!


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