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Tips to Tackle Long Distance Joint Base House-Hunting Successfully

February 9th, 2017 10:32 AM by Jodie Ford

Tips to Tackle Long Distance Joint Base House-Hunting Successfully

Do your homework

The internet is the best resource you have to do the research about schools, and shopping centers in the Joint Base Charleston area.  And it is crucial to hire a Realtor you trust.  With a long-distance search, the agent can make or break the experience. We are very familiar with the city, neighborhood, prices, and are excited to help you through this process.

Have a travel budget

Plan a house-hunting trip that’s at least four to five days long, so you’re not cramming in tons of showings that you won’t remember at the end of the day.  Long-distance house hunters should also be prepared for last-minute travel.

Know what you want

When you’re in the market for a home, you should always have a running list of features you want, but it’s especially crucial when you’re buying from a distance.

Knowing exactly what you want out of a house and location allows your agent to help you narrow down neighborhoods and homes more easily, and assist you in making an offer quickly, which is especially important in a fast-moving market.

Overcome remote home-buyer jitters

Renting for a few months could be an option, but we are here to make the process smooth, and provide you with our professional advice.   

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