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Your Joint Base Charleston Home Fall Checklist

November 8th, 2018 2:12 PM by Jodie Ford

Your Joint Base Charleston Home Fall Checklist

1. Care for trees and shrubs.  If you have trees on your property, consider hiring an arborist to care for them - these pros can spot signs of poor health early on to prevent tree loss, and know how to prune properly to avoid falling limbs in winter storms.

2. Rake leaves. Leaving too many leaves on a lawn can inhibit spring growth.

3. Clean gutters and downspouts. Clogged gutters during rainstorms can cause water to pool and damage your roof or siding.

4. Make exterior repairs. Walk around your property and if you spot anything that needs repair, schedule it before winter.

5. Seal gaps where critters could enter.  It only takes a tiny gap for animals to sneak into your house, so fill small holes with heavy-duty hardware cloth to keep wildlife outdoors.

6. Shut off exterior faucets and store hoses.  On the rare occasion that we do see freezing temperatures, protect your pipes by shutting off water, and drain hoses and store them indoors before winter.  

Source: Forbes


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