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Improve Your Credit Score



As Joint Base Charleston military families prepare to apply for a home mortgage in the Joint Base Charleston area, understand that it is significantly better to have your best possible credit profile BEFORE applying. 


Working to improve your score during the mortgage process can be done, but keep in mind - “Sooner, rather than later” should be the mantra of credit score improvements.  Here are some ways to help Joint Base Charleston Home Buyers:


Credit Card Recommendations:

§     Look on the credit report for revolving debt, generally the balance should be no more than 30% of the credit limit.  If it’s more than that, have you should make every attempt to pay it down.

§     If there is nothing derogatory on the credit report, just high balances on revolving debt, you can often improve the score significantly. 


Collections/Judgments Recommendations: 

§     Paying off a derogatory account does not normally improve the score because the derogatory account still exists, and so still hurts the score. 

§     If you have not yet paid the collection, you can bargain with the creditor and ask for the account to be removed once you pay in full.

§     You can sometimes gain points by paying charge-off accounts.


Late Date Recommendations:

§     If you have just one recent late date, you should call those creditors and ask for those single late dates to be removed as a courtesy. 


Other Recommendations: 

§     Regularly check your credit report to catch errors early. 




Credit Score Optimization is one of the central reasons why you should engage the expertise of a good loan officer in the Joint Base Charleston area right NOW.




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